LT;DR Feb. 18 NFT Recap: NFL All Day Premium Packs

LT;DR Feb. 18 NFT Recap: NFL All Day Premium Packs
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  • NFL All Day Premium Packs 

  • Edenhorde Reveal

  • ETH Denver

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NFL All Day Premium Packs 

NFL All Day released 28,000 Super Bowl LVI Premium Packs this afternoon. The packs cost $259 each and contained nine moments with a guaranteed rare or legendary. After a few queue slow down issues the packs sold out with more than 48,000 users lining up for the queue. In tandem with the drop, NFL All Day launched its marketplace today. Although collectors are only able to list moments (and not purchase), it will give the community a better idea of where the pricing for each moment will fall. Purchasing will become available Feb. 22 and further details surrounding the marketplace can be found at NFL All  Day's blog here

Edenhorde Reveal

Edenhorde, a collection of 8,800 NFTs from the artist of Adventure Time, revealed today. With four different tribes each NFT has a unique characters that held a floor around 1.3 ETH leading up to reveal today. After reveal Edenhorde leads our project rankings and has only dropped a bit to a 1 ETH floor. Jumping over 100% in volume Edenhorde has done 2,000 ETH in secondary sales today.  

ETH Denver

ETH Denver is in full swing as the conference heads into its final 3 days. Various influencers, community members and developers are giving talks at five different locations near the downtown Denver area. Tonight Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin will be speaking at 10:35 pm ET and governor Jared Polis at 8:35 pm ET. Follow @EthereumDenver on twitter to see video highlights and full conference presentations. 



  • Edenhorde after revealing this morning leads our project rankings page with over 2,000 ETH in volume floor holding well through the drop still over 1 ETH after minting out at 0.125 ETH. 

  • NFT Worlds continues to preform today up over 1,500 ETH in volume as NFT World's recently released $WRLD token is implemented into the beta gameplay. Floor to an impressive 12 ETH after a free mint back in October.  

  • The Other Side jumps onto our rankings page up over 300% in volume over 1,000 ETH in last 24 hours. Floor creeping upwards only up 15% to 0.47 with the new influx of sales. 

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