NFT Weekly | Anata NFT Demo and Yuga Land Prep

NFT Weekly | Anata NFT Demo and Yuga Land Prep
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The NFT market just closed a $300MM+ revenue weekend, the biggest numbers since early February, and sentiment is trending up. The heavy weekend volume can likely be attributed to the $2B stimulus that the $APE airdrop provided on Thursday of last week, along with the first Yugaverse trailer from Saturday evening. 

But it isn't looking like "up only" just yet. Volume has declined daily since Friday's peak of $132MM, most floors are down on the 24 hr and listings are going up. So things are looking a bit uncertain at present.

The same can be said for the minting market, which has seen fairly mixed results in the last week. Some new drops from last week have done very well (Muri at 1.15 ETH, Juicebox Frens at 0.13), while others have failed to mint out (Ramen Shop, Silly Sushi) or performed poorly on secondary (Brick Breaker). 

It seems this market is both hungry for good new projects, while more discerning than it was in late January / early February - which is good! But it means that minters need to tread carefully, do due diligence and be weary of the looming Yuga Land drop coming in the weeks ahead (likely a liquidity focus).

Here are some notable drops for the week ahead, to start your preparations:

Anata and the Evolution of PFPs

Anata from MetaDrop may be the most exciting and innovative project the NFT market has seen in months, looking to take PFPs to the next level.

In what's already being touted as transformation to "Virtual Identity" (VID), these anime NFTs have the ability to connect to webcam/phone camera and mimic the owners movements exactly. Yes, animated, anime characters which can fully represent its owners emotions in virtual environments - this has the potential to drastically move the PFP space forward.

See a demo of this groundbreaking functionality here:

The technology is outlined in a medium post from the founders, including a quick guide on how the animation works and even the ability to use a voice-modulator. In addition, after the mint the founders will be hosting "The Anatacademy" to teach NFT owners everything they need to know to best utilize their Anatas, including live classes and guides.

Everyone will be able to participate in the fair-launch mint - no WhiteList. Starting 3 PM EST on Thursday March 24th, there will be an open market bid for 24 hours. At conclusion, the top 1920 bids will win an Anata, with everyone paying the lowest winning bid price. 

From there, the DAO will be formed and the Anata "Grand Journey" will begin. Learn more by following them on Twitter at @anatanft.

XCOPY's Traitors Redemption

On March 17, legendary crypto artist XCOPY announced an upcoming drop on Nifty Gateway via a 18 second trailer on this Twitter page, titled "Traitors Redemption". 

It was a fairly cryptic trailer without much information, but he did comment that there will be a burn mechanic and only Afterburn will qualify. This sent the Afterburn market into hyperdrive, with that edition's floor price ripping up from 4 ETH to 8 ETH in a matter of hours. 

More detail should be released over the next few days ahead of the drop, but several are already clearly preparing, as lower entry options to XCOPY (whose 1/1s go for 200 ETH minimum) do not come around very often. 

Peek-A-Boo and the 1st Hide-N-Seek P2E Game

Peek-A-Boo, a TreasureDAO ecosystem project, is a 20,000 collection of Ghosts and Busters NFTs. These NFTs play Hide-N-Seek via a battleship-like game, with the ability to earn the project's native token $BOO. The $BOO token can be earned via active game play as well as passive staking.

The project has a detailed "ghostpaper," which outlines full detail on the mint mechanics, the NFT characteristics and functionality, their leveling system, customization, staking, and tokenomics, along with detail on the TreasureDAO partnership.

The first 10,000 NFTs begin minting at 6 pm EST today, in a free mint (in line with TreasureDAO ethos). There will be a secondary mint for the other 10,000 NFTs down the line, priced in $BOO. Learn more in the project's ghostpaper

Other Hyped Drops

Though certainly not an indicator of success, these projects launching this week have the biggest online followings:

  • Small Bros (140k Twitter): 8888 Small Bros NFTs, with a project roadmap including custom VR Hub, march, charity component and a giveaway; presale today at Noon EST for 0.069 ETH, public raffle sale tomorrow for 0.079 ETH; 
  • (B)apetaverse (62k Twitter): 10,000 BAPE NFTs in 3d art style, offering access to IRL events and future drops; presale March 23rd for 0.3 ETH
  • Everai (57k Twitter): 10,000 Anime Hero NFTs, focused n building a Marvel Comics-like hero brand; public dutch auction on March 26th starting at 0.5 ETH down to 0.15 ETH, presale March 27th (half of final dutch auction price)

Overall it appears to be a lighter week of drops but some strong potential projects. Will the $APE stimulus carry over into this week? We shall see.

Happy minting and good luck, and as always, stay safe out there!

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