Blur Szn 2 | Loyalty Matters

Blur Szn 2 | Loyalty Matters

Blur announced 300 million $BLUR will be available for rewards in Season 2, with emphasis placed on trading loyalty. The marketplace also revealed the addition of three new updates that went live today.

❗ Why It Matters

Blur is clearly focused on driving loyalty in NFT trading. In the latest announcement the marketplace highlighted listing incentives, specifically around 100 percent loyalty score resulting in better crate rewards, and then provided three guidelines to maximize potential rewards. 

The additional features that went live today also serve to make Blur's interface more robust in comparison to competitor OpenSea, tightening the grip on the positive trader sentiment. 

The Details

  1. Users can now navigate more easily between a collection's bids and their own bids.
  2. Collection floor prices are now displayed more prominently next to each a user's bids.
  3. Individual NFT pages are now mobile-friendly

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

  1. List through Blur
    •  Advanced listing tools allow users to list everywhere at once - but in Season 2, the only way to maintain a 100 percent loyalty is list only using Blur
  2. Use new maximize loyalty button
    • Blur provides a "Max Your Loyalty" button that removes third party listings in a single transaction to get loyalty to 100 percent.
  3. Maximize listing points since listing rewards will be as large as bidding rewards.
    • The more items listed, the more earned.
    • Listing blue chips and active collections will benefit more.
    • Blur provides listing tools to list by floor price, trait floor, and ladder list.

🖼️ The Big Picture

After the success of the Blur Season 1 airdrops, there's been a frenzy to not miss out in Season 2. While it's unclear how long Season 2 will span, the 300 million $BLUR in rewards appear to be in a similar ballpark to the 360 million $BLUR that was rewarded in Season 1.

The listing incentive detail will take the focus off just pure bid farming, and combined with the features update, illustrates Blur's commitment to becoming the top NFT trading marketplace. 

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