Magic Eden Adds Trait-Based Collection Offer Feature

Magic Eden Adds Trait-Based Collection Offer Feature

Magic Eden announced the ability to make offers on NFTs with specific traits as a new feature on its platform.

❗ Why It Matters

Magic Eden noted people's affinity for specific traits (with the trait floors in the Nakamigos collection being a prime example), so the platform has added a new feature that gives users the ability to submit collection offers that target specific traits ahead of the launch of its ETH Marketplace beta on April 6th.

The timing also coincides with today's OpenSea announcement of the rollout of the OpenSea Pro platform, which will also allow for trait collection offers.

The Deets

  • Buyers looking to make a trait-specific offer can follow these steps:
    1. Access the collection page of the NFT.
    2. Filter by trait(s) on collection pages OR click Make Offer and select trait(s).
    3. Choose the number of NFTs you want to purchase and the price of your offer.
    4. Finalize your offer by clicking the "Make Offer" button and confirming your transaction.
  • Sellers can easily click "Sell Now" on collection pages to check offers for specific traits, and they'll see both global collection offer floors AND trait-specific offers.

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