New Prices for RTFKT x RIMOWA

New Prices for RTFKT x RIMOWA

The RTFKT team announced updated and final prices for today's Cabin Luggage and WorkerBot NFT drop, in a tweet this morning.

Citing fluctuating ETH prices as their rationale, the new prices will be 2 ETH ($1,318) for Cabin Luggage and 0.07 ETH ($109) for the WorkerBots.

These price tags are slightly lower than the 2.3 ETH and 0.08 ETH prices shared yesterday, but slightly higher in USD terms than the $3,000 and $100 levels previously shared.

The mint is coming from the OnCyber (@oncyber) account, and it is still expected for 11:30 a.m. ET.

Catch up on additional details for today's mint in this recent Lucky Trader post.

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