Opepen Sets 003 and 004 Revealed, Live for Opt-In

Opepen Sets 003 and 004 Revealed, Live for Opt-In
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Jack Butcher tweeted reveals for Opepen Set 003 and Set 004, and both are now live for opt-in.

The Deets

  • 003: Full Circle is by @batzdu.
  • 004: Consensus is by @visualizevalue.
  • The opt-in window closes Monday at 6 p.m. ET.
  • You can opt in to one set per Opepen, but not both with just one.
  • Both are already significantly oversubscribed, far surpassing the 200% minimum threshold.
  • Metadata will be revealed on Monday.
  • As an added bonus, batz's Opepen holders will each be airdropped Bong Rip Opepe next week.

❗ Why It Matters

Opepen PFPs are on fire, and it feels like the focus is squarely back on Jack now. Jack has taken his time to get things right with the drop mechanics, utilizing a unique opt-in mechanic to allow users to "choose" which Opepen packs they are a part of.

This Opepen release also comes amidst the backdrop of the Checks Elements auctions at Christie's over the past week and on the heels of today's Meme Card #103 card drop, "Don't Trust, Check." from @jackbutcher, so there are many in the space that are paying attention to and keying in on Jack's ecosystem right now. Perhaps the recent revival in the appetite for art and the merciful end of memecoin season have been contributing factors too.

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