.Swoosh Airdrop Incoming!

.Swoosh Airdrop Incoming!

.SWOOSH shared additional information on its upcoming airdrop of 106,453 free OF1 posters to its first-generation members tomorrow leading up to the upcoming Our Force 1 collection.

Why It Matters

Last week we wrote about the upcoming drop when it was first announced, now we have more insight into the total collection size and additional information. As previously mentioned Nike is opting for a somewhat unique distribution of preferred access for the upcoming Our Force 1 drop. Check your wallets, the OF1 poster you receive will play a pivotal role in determining when you gain access. 

The Deets

  • Airdrop on April 18 for first-gen .SWOOSH members
  • 1/3 chance of receiving an OF1 poster for eligible members
  • Posters inspired by previously voted categories: Cultural, Heritage, Innovation, and Regional

The Details

On April 18, .SWOOSH is rewarding its first-generation members by airdropping 106,453 free OF1 posters into their wallets. If you signed up before the April 12th snapshot, you have a 1/3 chance of receiving one of these special edition posters.

The number of posters, 106,453, is a clever nod to the T9 encoding of the word "NIKE." These unique posters were inspired by four categories—Cultural, Heritage, Innovation, and Regional—voted on by the .SWOOSH community last November.

🎬 Take Action

If you are an eligible first-generation member, keep an eye out tomorrow to see if you receive one of the 106,453 free OF1 posters.

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