ALTS by adidas Releases Chapter 1: ALT[er] Ego

ALTS by adidas Releases Chapter 1: ALT[er] Ego
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adidas' Bored Ape Indigo Herz announced that Chapter 1: ALT[er] starts now.

The Deets

  • Your ALT[er] ego is the first of many traits for your ALT identity.
  • There will be 8 different ALT[er] egos with different rarities.
  • In addition to the utilities available to every ALT, there will be an exclusive utility that is determined by your ALT[er] ego to provide further benefits tailored to your interests.
  • At the end of Chapter 3, you will get a unique PFP consisting of countless trait combinations with a rarity rank.
  • The story will progressively unfold and continue through April, and the first moment that will influence your dynamic NFT will start on April 15.
  • No future utility will be provided for Into the Metaverse Phase 1 and Phase 2.

❗ Why It Matters

This is the first step on the journey towards owning an ‘ALTS by adidas’ identity, and ALTS will be a new identity/PFP and a dynamic NFT that will evolve over time through an interactive storyline.

🔙 Back It Up

adidas is transitioning away from "Into the Metaverse," and the project has requested that holders burn "Into the Metaverse," Phase 1 and 2 NFTs, and mint into ALTS by adidas (the official and final “Phase 3") to be part of Chapter 1.

ALTS by adidas is a dynamic NFT that evolves based on your decisions and engagement. adidas notes that ALTS by adidas is more than just a PFP:

  • provides exclusive access to the adidas web3 ecosystem at
  • is a unique, interoperable avatar and PFP consisting of countless trait combinations with a rarity rank.
  • includes an interactive experience through creating, collecting, and engaging.

🔜 What’s Next?

More details on the different ALT[er] ego traits and utility are coming tomorrow.

🎬 Take Action

  • Visit to watch Chapter 1, burn ITM Phase 1 or 2 into your alt, and/or dive deeper into the Rift Valley Motel.

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