Art Blocks Team Makes Two Big Announcements

Art Blocks Team Makes Two Big Announcements
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The Art Blocks team announced the next Curated project as well as a free "Friendship Bracelet" mint for holders, in two discord posts this afternoon.

New Curated Project "Tide Predictor"

The next Curated project will be called "Tide Predictor" by artist LoVid and will mint next Wednesday, Nov. 2nd. This will be the first release of the series-less Curated projects and will be the first to launch on Art Blocks' updated website

LoVid is bringing their signature video artwork style onchain with this project, using analog synthesizers and digital tools to make bright, dancing, laser-show-esque outputs. In the project description, Tide Predictor is said to "celebrate luminosity, chaos."

In the announcement, the team described why the Curation Board was keen on the project, including several quotes. In general, the board with how Tide Predictor "is using the expansive field of generative art to explore constraints of analog media and scientific phenomena."

Sample outputs can be found here, for those who want to explore the project more.

A Community Gift in "Friendship Bracelets"

The second major announcement was related to a reward for early Art Blocks holders and supporters in the "Friendship Bracelets" project.

A snapshot of every wallet holding an Art Blocks NFT was taken on Oct. 26th at 4 p.m. ET, and eligible wallets will be able to mint 2 Friendship Bracelet NFTs.

Minting opens up on Nov. 3 and remains open until Jan. 10, 2023. Claiming will be free plus the cost of gas.

Inspired by artist Donald Judd and his use of elegant design with easy-to-find materials, Art Blocks founder Erick Calderon (aka Snowfro) and artist Alexis Andre came up with the idea for the generative friendship bracelet project. Each NFT will come with instructions for creating a simple, physical friendship bracelet as well as using embroidery floss.

The project has its own page on the new Art Blocks website, and those interested can find out more about the project along with an idea of the visual outputs.

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