Art Gobbler Leader Already Has $100,000+ in GOO

Art Gobbler Leader Already Has $100,000+ in GOO

The GOO holders leaderboard is live, and the top holder has accumulated more than 98 GOO ($105,600) in the first day since reveal. GOO is currently trading at $1,100 and falling fast, as it is being emitted exponentially. The price reached $3,000+ briefly this morning before falling this afternoon.

goo leaderboard

The leading wallet has 66 Gobblers with a 494x multiplier (aggregated across their Gobbler NFTs), which helped them raise that shocking amount of GOO in one day. The second-place wallet has 67 Gobblers, but a slightly lower multiplier at 485x and thus only accumulated 96 GOO. 

The dashboard created by user @0xdef1 has several other components, including a Gobblers auction price tracker, a Pages auction price tracker, and a sales feed of the Blank Pages. The most recent Page minted for 2.1 GOO. The site also has a GOO Calculator and Sale Timing Calculator.

More about Art Gobblers

At the time of publish, the Art Gobblers floor price sits at 4.636 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 43 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 62 sharp wallets have sold 68 NFTs and 100 sharp wallets have bought 164 NFTs in the Art Gobblers collection. Catch up on other recent Art Gobblers news here.

Recent Art Gobblers Sales

#2247sold at 11/30 12:11pm for
#59sold at 11/30 11:11am for
#1129sold at 11/30 8:11am for
#23sold at 11/30 8:11am for
#2102sold at 11/30 7:11am for

Recent Art Gobblers Listings

#436listed at 11/30 1:11pm for
#436listed at 11/30 1:11pm for
#2244listed at 11/30 11:11am for
#2244listed at 11/30 11:11am for
#2142listed at 11/30 10:11am for
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