Art Gobblers Paint Factory Is Live!

Art Gobblers Paint Factory Is Live!
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The Art Gobblers Paint Factory is officially live, according to a tweet from the team's account this afternoon.

The Gobblers PFP NFTs have caught the market by storm, trading an incredible 31,000+ ETH in the first two days of secondary trading. The Gobblers have had a roller coaster morning, running from ~13 ETH to 22 ETH, before retracing to 16.69 ETH at the time of writing.

But the PFPs are only one part of the overall project, with the art and Blank Pages being an equally important part. That art component officially goes live today.

With the factory live, users can track the live price of ongoing Gobbler auctions, Blank Pages auctions, a holder leaderboard, and more at this dashboard. The price of the $GOO token can be found here (currently $1,430).

The current price of Pages is 2.16 GOO ($3,090 or roughly 2 ETH), and for new Gobblers, the price is 36 GOO ($51,480 or 32.7 ETH). The GOO supply will be increasing exponentially, though, so those prices will come down in USD terms.

The team did note some early feedback of the site malfunctioning but pointed users to their contracts which are live and valid.

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