GOO Price Falling Fast, Gobblers Dip

GOO Price Falling Fast, Gobblers Dip
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The native Art Gobblers token GOO has fallen over 50 percent in overnight and morning trading, now around $670, according to data from dextools

The price reached $3,000+ at its peak yesterday before ranging between $1,000-$1,500 for most of the day. The price started dipping in the early hours this morning, falling below the $1,000 level and not recovering.

This should not come as a surprise to holders or traders, as the team warned the community explicitly about the exponential emission schedule for the token and how rapidly it would inflate.

With the new GOO price, the current cost to mint a Gobbler is $22,700 (14.8 ETH). The Blur market is generally aligning with this pricing, with the floor at 15.2 ETH at the time of writing. This is more than a 50 percent dip from local highs yesterday, which eclipsed 22 ETH.

The system is working and being used though, as 5 Gobblers have been minted now and 29 Blank Pages. The first artwork has been ingested into a Gobblers belly as well.

Follow along at this handy dashboard.

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