The First Art Gobblers Page Is 'Glaminated'

The First Art Gobblers Page Is 'Glaminated'

The very first Art Gobbler artwork has been created this afternoon, according to a tweet from the artist and verified by the Art Gobbler team.

The artist 0010 (@dhjs_0010) created the piece through the "glamination" process, with help from the rwx foundation (@robek_world). It was created on the second page ever created, Page #2, and can be viewed here.

The art is very much in line with 0010's distinctive style, which has commanded 146 ETH in sales on SuperRare and holds a 7.777 ETH standing floor price.

And with this mint, Art Gobblers production has officially begun.

More about Art Gobblers

At the time of publish, the Art Gobblers floor price sits at 3.99 ETH, and has fallen -7.77 percent over the past 24 hours on 20 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 34 sharp wallets have sold 38 NFTs and 24 sharp wallets have bought 29 NFTs in the Art Gobblers collection. Catch up on other recent Art Gobblers news here.

Recent Art Gobblers Sales

#2276sold at 12/04 7:12pm for
#2109sold at 12/04 6:12pm for
#375sold at 12/04 6:12pm for
#2078sold at 12/04 2:12pm for
#2284sold at 12/04 6:12am for

Recent Art Gobblers Listings

#1596listed at 12/05 7:12am for
#1596listed at 12/05 7:12am for
#2251listed at 12/05 7:12am for
#2251listed at 12/05 7:12am for
#574listed at 12/05 4:12am for
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