Jenkins The Valet Introducing Gamified NFTs With New Podcast

Jenkins The Valet Introducing Gamified NFTs With New Podcast
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Jenkins The Valet is introducing gamified, dynamic NFTs ahead of its upcoming podcast release, according to an announcement from the project.

The NFT will unlock a series of puzzles with each individual podcast, tokengated to those who own the podcast NFT. 

Once you've connected your wallet and verified ownership of the podcast NFT, users will be presented an embedded audio puzzle that is unique to each podcast episode. 

If you correctly solve the puzzle, your podcast NFT will dynamically update to reflect the correct answer. Users will be awarded additional points for answering the puzzles quickly. 

As you earn points for answering questions, the NFTs tied to the responses will move up a live leaderboard. 

All the NFTs on the leaderboard will be tradeable on secondary markets and the top finishers on the leaderboard will earn a variety of prizes. 

Formal details on the launch of the podcast NFTs has not yet been announced. 

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