Warm Wallets Allowed

Warm Wallets Allowed
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Bored Ape Yacht Club advised holders they can use a "warm wallet" ahead of the mint next week in a tweet from the official BAYC account. 

Why It Matters: Bored Apes holders have long been the target of malicious actors. Because a new mint is coming, Yuga is ensuring users are aware that security solutions like warm.xyz and delegate.cash are viable solutions for the mint. 

"Heads up, Apes: you'll be able to use a warm wallet through warm.xyz or delegate.cash for next week's mint. We recommend setting up the wallet ahead of time. As always, be on guard for scams around an upcoming mint. If you have any questions, head over to the official BAYC discord and open a support ticket," said the project. 

How It Works: Both warm.xyz and delegate.cash allow users to link their vaulted assets to a fresh, "warm" wallet that can be used separately for minting NFTs and signing transactions. 

What People Are Saying: 

"These are trusted and commonly used protocols in the web3 space for hot wallet delegation that allows you to interact with your cold wallet without directly connecting it. Warm.xyz came from the wenew fam," @NBATopShotEast said on Twitter.

Jampzer added, "Love to see you guys creating and adopting frictionless protections and software to help us out!"

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