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Boss Beauties, Barbie Collab on Virtual Collectibles
Logan Hitchcock

Boss Beauties is collaborating with Barbie to launch a collection of virtual collectibles on the Flow blockchain. 

The Deets

  • Boss Beauties and Barbie join forces to create unique NFTs that reflect Barbie's diverse career history.
  • Those who purchase on May 10 will receive an exclusive virtual collectible to be revealed in July 2023.
  • NFT owners will have the opportunity to join "Career Conversations," a series dedicated to female professionals.
  • The NFTs are minted on the Flow blockchain.
  • Early access opens at noon ET today. 

The Details

Each collectible will represent a different career from Barbie's extensive portfolio. The collection will maintain four rarity tiers: common, super rare, ultra rare, and exclusive. Collectibles are sold in packs, which contain at least two common cards, and a guarantee of one uncommon card from the rarity tiers outlined above. 

For collectors looking to complete their sets or exchange their NFTs, a marketplace has been established and will be unveiled on May 18.

Additionally, Barbie is donating $250,000 to the Barbie Dream Gap Project and the Boss Beauties Foundation as a celebration of the collaboration. 

❗️Why It Matters

Barbie is one of the most recognizable collectible brands in the entire world and now web3 participants can get their hands on verifiable collectibles on the Flow blockchain. While native web3 brands have lost attention and shine over the last year, notable web2 brands continue to make their way into the space, opening the collecting experience to a wider demographic of users. 

Beyond the collecting experience, it's encouraging to see an empowering female brand enter the space alongside Boss Beauties, which has a stated goal of trying to bring the next million girls and women into web3. In a space dominated by young men, more examples of strong female characters is a positive. 

🎤 Project Prose

Barbie responded to the Boss Beauties' announcement tweet....

Dream team! ✨🤗Barbie

🎬 Take Action

You can purchase your official Boss Beauties x Barbie collectibles here when early access opens at noon ET. 

Boss Beauties, Barbie Collab on Virtual Collectibles
Virtual Thanksgiving Parade Experience Features Notable NFTs
Staff Writer

A virtual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is coming to the metaverse.

Visitors to Macy's website on Thanksgiving morning (9 a.m. ET) will be able to view the virtual parade, which features historic balloons from the past 90 years. They will also be able to view five galleries from the following NFT collections: Boss Beauties, Cool Cats, gmoney, SupDucks, and VeeFriends.

A vote will also be held for visitors to determine which of the NFT projects will have their own real balloon in next year's parade. The first 100,000 voters will get a free Macy's "digital collectible."

Holders of last year's Thanksgiving parade NFTs and the aforementioned NFTs will have more voting power.

Users will also have the opportunity to mint a virtual gallery pass, from OnCyber, which will be airdropped Dec. 5. The virtual gallery passes cost $50, with all of the proceeds going toward Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

“As we countdown to the 96th Macy’s Parade, we are excited to bring this spectacle once again to the web3 virtual landscape with a fun experience that empowers our fans, collectors and our highly engaged Discord community,” said Will Coss, executive producer of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “Our genesis collection of Parade NFTs last year was so successful that we wanted to give our digital community the opportunity to select a native NFT design to be transformed into a real-world Macy’s Parade balloon, while also creating an opportunity to raise critical funds for our partner Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.”


Virtual Thanksgiving Parade Experience Features Notable NFTs
Boss Beauties Team up with Mattel, Barbie
Lou Sherman

Boss Beauties teased a collaboration with Mattel and its notable fashion doll brand Barbie in a tweet this evening.

Barbie and Boss Beauties will collectively donate $250,000 in honor of the 250 careers represented by Barbie in the upcoming NFT collection. No specific dates were mentioned in the tweet, additional details are expected to come out soon.

Boss Beauties Team up with Mattel, Barbie