BYOPills to Activate Test Run on Land Selection Tomorrow

BYOPills to Activate Test Run on Land Selection Tomorrow
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BYOPills recently updated its BYOLand metadata and now it will launch a test run for land selection via its website on Friday, Jul. 1. 

"You will be able to perform a full test run of selection and make sure you have the mechanics down," the team's post reads. "After the pilot is complete, planning has been done by the community, and we have fully checked that device compatibility is good and universal, we will then announce Phase III where actual linking of area will happen."

The second phase of the land selection process also includes an update mobile explorer for mobile users to view the BYOVerse. The website will only support exploration, not land selection, via mobile devices.

The BYOVerse consists of 16 total zones (in order of rarity from least to most): No Man's Land, Desolate Dunes, Amazonia, The Harbor, Lumia, Atlas Mountains, Radioactive Swamp, Volcan, Astroverse, The Mine, Bone Valley, Nebula, Frigid Plains, Cloud10, Komo Caves, and the Oblivion Void.

NFT holders will only be able to choose a land parcel within their assigned zone. Each zone comes with an abundancy score, a dust level, fauna dangerosity, humidity, a psywaves level, a radiations level, resouces, and a temperature (most of which are either very cold or very hot).

For more information on BYOPills and the BYOVerse, visit the BYODocs here.

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