Chimpers Stakers Can Now Win 1/1s, Editions From Timpers

Chimpers Stakers Can Now Win 1/1s, Editions From Timpers
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Timpers, the founder and artist of Chimpers and The Bored Ape Chronicles, is making exclusive 1/1s and editions of their artwork available to Chimpers NFT stakers and TBAC holders, according to an announcement from the project.

Those exclusive artworks are part of "Timpers Pixelworks," a new NFT collection that will house pixelated artworks from Timpers that will ultimately be raffled to active and loyal holders of the artist's NFT projects, most notably those that are training Chimpers NFTs in the project's Dojo

The first Pixelworks drop will feature one 1/1, an edition of 10, and an edition of 75. 

Raffle eligibility can be found in the Tweet below. Each NFT that meets the raffle criteria is good for one entry into the raffle. Therefore, users with multiple staked Chimpers NFTs will hold multiple opportunities to be rewarded with a Timpers artwork. 


While Chimpers NFTs hold a floor price of 1.3 ETH, a Timpers 1/1 sold for 6.259 ETH on SuperRare in Nov. 2021.

The first snapshot has not yet been taken but is expected to come soon. 

Interested holders can find the first set of Timpers Pixelworks here. 

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