Time to Chimp for Rewards

Time to Chimp for Rewards
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The adventuring phase of the Chimpers' journey has begun and can be accessed at the Dojo.

Why It Matters

Adventuring is the gamified gateway to TBAC Series 2: The Quest for the Ancient Chronicles. Every participating Chimper will be guaranteed rewards, but the main prize, the first episode of TBAC S2, will be awarded to the first 555 Chimpers to the finish line.

Collecting the full set of episodes has rewarded holders handsomely in the past. Collectors of the full set of the six episodes from The Bored Ape Chronicles Series 1 received a diamond fleece NFT (there was one listed for 32.6 ETH at the end of December because it could be burned for a Genesis Chimper, which currently has a floor price of 24 ETH). Full set collectors also received future membership to the Timpers avatar project which became Chimpers, among other things.

The Deets

  • A daily snapshot of staked Chimpers is taken at 7:00 p.m. ET. All Chimpers in the snapshot can roll their dice the next day.
    • *note: today Chimpers auto-rolled due to a time zone issue. The issue has been fixed and you'll be able to roll 🎲 again tomorrow.
  • Users can roll from 2:00 a.m. ET onwards. If you don't roll, your Chimper will auto-roll.
  • Users will retain any rewards earned even if they unstake their Chimpers NFT. 

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