Snowfro Minting 17 New Squiggles Later Today

Snowfro Minting 17 New Squiggles Later Today
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Erick "Snowfro", the founder of Art Blocks and the creator of the Squiggle, announced today that 17 new Squiggles will be minted at 6 p.m. CT.

The Deets

  • 17 Squiggles will be minted later today for a handful of people that Snowfro feels have supported the medium of generative art and made meaningful contributions to the digital art universe and/or the Art Blocks ecosystem.
  • Snowfro also indicated that there will be "a lot more mints over the coming weeks as we build up towards the last mint".

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

From Snowfro's (@ArtOnBlockchain) tweet:

  • On the recipients of the newly minted Squiggles today and going forward: "Today I’m minting 17 Squiggles to a handful of people that have been indispensable over that last few years either for inspiration, emotional support, contributors to our digital art universe, contributors to the Art Blocks ecosystem specifically, or supporters of the medium of generative art by supporting artists and fellow collectors alike. THANK YOU. Also including a handful of Squiggles in each of the next few mints for organizations and institutions that I admire and am excited to be a part of their collecting journey now and in the future. Some I will be able to disclose, others I will not until they are ready to disclose."
  • On future mints: "Expect a lot more mints over the coming weeks as we build up towards the last mint. I have some fun stuff planned for the remaining Squiggles which I’ll share soon."

❗ Why It Matters

Two weeks ago, VerticalCrypto Art and Right Click Save collaborated on a charity auction for 10 unminted Squiggles that raised 186 ETH for The ALS Association. And although Snowfro first minted Chromie Squiggles in November 2020, he never actually finished minting all 10,000 Squiggles (inclusive of the 17 Squiggles that will be minted later today, 9,791 will have been minted to date). Erick has been very selective about the occasions on which unminted Squiggles are released, which is one of the reasons why last month's charity auction for the 10 unminted Squiggles generated so much interest.

And so the door always remained open for the last phase of mints, which now looks to be slated for the coming weeks and months.

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