CyberKongz Launches Validator Node on Ronin Network

CyberKongz Launches Validator Node on Ronin Network
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CyberKongz is launching a validator node on the Ronin Network aiming to expand its revenue and improve its financial longevity. 

The Deets

  • Validator node launch: CyberKongz's own node on Ronin Network commenced on December 4th, 15:00 UTC.
  • Significant treasury: Accumulated 1,600,000 $RON from Genkai mint and secondary trading royalties.
  • Community support initiative: Encouraging CyberKongz community to stake $RON with their node.
  • Exclusive rewards: Offering rare Axie giveaways for significant stakers in a two-week event post-launch.

The Bulk

In a strategic move to enhance its project's sustainability and community engagement, CyberKongz has inaugurated its own validator node on the Ronin Network. This initiative, commencing today, symbolizes the project's dedication to dynamic treasury management and long-term vision.

The node's launch is fueled by CyberKongz's substantial treasury of 1,600,000 $RON, accrued from the successful Genkai mint and ongoing secondary trading royalties. 

CyberKongz is inviting its supporters to participate in this new venture by staking $RON on its validator node. The phrase "Kongz Together Strong" takes a tangible form here, as community support becomes integral to the node's success.

To incentivize participation, CyberKongz is offering exclusive rewards. For a limited two-week period following the launch, stakers can win rare Axie collectibles, including 10 Origin Axies and 2 Mystic Axies, based on the amount staked. 

🎤 Community Quotes

We see CyberKongz as a project that will span multiple decades, showcasing immersive experiences on a grand scale while elevating the brand’s intellectual property into audiences all over the world. Therefore, to accomplish this, it is crucial that we operate dynamically and put the right financial measures in place to ensure longevity for the brand and community.CyberKongz

💰 Money Talks

CyberKongz's is using all 1.6 million $RON (nearly $2 million) from its Genkai mint and royalties to spin up its validator node. 

🎬 Take Action 

$RON holders hoping to support CyberKongz or take a chance at the upcoming raffle can find details on staking here

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