DigiDaigaku Spirits Airdrop is Live

DigiDaigaku Spirits Airdrop is Live
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Gabriel Leydon, the CEO of DigiDaigaku's parent company Limit Break, announced that the airdrop for DigiDaigaku is now live via Twitter.

DigiDaigaku holders have been airdropped a Spirit NFT to match the Digi asset already in their wallets. Leydon included a graphic showing the following combinations and their bloodline results:

  • Satoma's Spirt ⇒ Rogue (Good)
  • Satoma's Spirt + Trinity ⇒ Warrior (Great)
  • Satoma's Spirt + Satoma ⇒ Royal (Best)

For more information on bloodlines, see our post from yesterday.

The DigiDaigaku Spirits NFTs have yet to reveal but opened trading at a 3 ETH floor on Friday. The DigiDaigaku Genesis collection has seen its floor fall to 10.2 ETH, down more than 20% in the past 24 hours according to our project rankings page.

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