DigiDaigaku Spirits Burning Is Live

DigiDaigaku Spirits Burning Is Live
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DigiDaigaku announced that Spirits burning is now live. DigiDaigaku tweeted out full instructions in a thread on Friday afternoon.

Holders can start their Quest on the DigiDaigaku website by connecting a wallet that includes a Spirit NFT and the Digidaigaku Genesis NFT they wish to create into a Warrior or Royal. 

After accepting the Adventure contract, users will transfer their Genesis NFTto Adventure contract but will be receiving the NFT back later. It will take a whole day to complete the Quest, and users can then start additional Quests with other Spirits as well. You may also end a Quest at any time and receive your NFTs back in your wallet. Once a Quest is complete, the Spirit will be burned and you will not receive the NFT back to your wallet after that time. Restarting a Quest will reset the 24-hour timer.

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