The Stoodio Opens Its Doors for Doodles 2 Beta

The Stoodio Opens Its Doors for Doodles 2 Beta
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Last night, Doodles announced that the beta for Doodles 2 is now open at the Stoodio, which will serve as the portal for all Doodles digital experiences.

The Deets

  • The Stoodio is the central hub for everything in the Doodlesverse and can be found here (
  • Also, the Stoodio is the bridge to the Doodles 2 Character Builder.
  • Be sure to remove wearables from your Doodles 2 character if you sell anything, as its name and all wearables that are equipped will be sold with it.
  • The Pharrell Pack is a limited edition box (300 in total) with 3 digital wearables, 1 Redeemable, and 1 Beta Pass.
  • Redeemables are your digital ticket to physical goods, and you can redeem your physical item in The Stoodio between June 6th and June 15, 2023.

The Details

The Stoodio is the member home base and the HQ for the Doodles collector experience; it includes holder profiles, rewards, etc. It’ll serve as the portal to physical and digital experiences, collectibles, and access to exclusive brand and artist partnerships. It’s also where you can start the Doodles 2 experience and create and customize your Doodle in the Doodles 2 Character Builder.

At launch, you’ll be able to trade your Doodles 2 character on Evaluate or other marketplaces that pull directly from the chain. Be aware that if you sell your fully equipped Doodles 2 character, its name and all wearables that are equipped will be sold with it. And if you wish to sell specific items, make sure that you remove wearables from your Doodle before doing so. The Doodles team will be rolling out the preferred marketplace experience for this after the initial beta launch.

The Pharell Pack is limited to 300, curated by @Pharrell, and is filled with three digital wearables and physical items from some of his favorite brands, including @adidas, @humanrace, Billionaire Boys Club, and @bbcicecream. Every single Pharrell Pack will come with a Redeemable, which you can burn to redeem for a physical item. And 12 Doodles will receive a Redeemable for the limited Pharrell 50th birthday edition green Sambas. You can redeem your physical item in The Stoodio between June 6th and June 15, 2023.

❗ Why It Matters

At last, the next chapter of the Doodles has arrived. The Doodles team has leaned into the customization angle as the driver of building out the Doodles universe, as well as signaled their intention to deliver both physical and digital offerings that appeal to their holder base. How Doodles 2 will impact holders over the long term from a value proposition standpoint still remains to be seen, but they've executed on building an interesting experience that will re-ignite interest for many.

🎬 Take Action

  1. Create a Stoodio account and connect your Dapper Wallet. Use the Beta Pass in your wallet to create a blank Doodle and claim your Doodles name.
  2. Choose organic traits like skin and hair, browse and equip Wearables, finalize your look, and mint your customized Doodle to the blockchain.

Pharrell Pack 

Those hoping to score a Pharrell Pack will need to complete each of the following five steps:

  • Create a Stoodio Profile
  • Hold an OG Doodle
  • Create a Doodle (in the Stoodio)
  • Dooplicate at least once
  • Open a Genesis Box

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