The Wait is Over: Open Your Genesis Box

The Wait is Over: Open Your Genesis Box
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The wait is finally over! Doodles' Genesis Boxes can now be opened after these NFTs were originally airdropped to holders eight months ago.

❗ Why It Matters

Genesis Boxes are a key component of the Doodles ecosystem that bridge genesis Doodles with Doodles 2. Specifically, Genesis Boxes contain Doodles 2 early access "beta" passes and wearables that can be equipped to Doodles 2 characters.

🔎The Details

The two wearables in each box are a randomized mix of items, including headwear, tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories. Once opened, your wearables will be available in your Flow wallet, and you can buy, sell, or explore more Doodles 2 wearables on the Gaia Marketplace.For those who prefer self-custody, a guide is available for unboxing without needing to touch custodial wallets. However, this is not supported by Doodles, and users should proceed at their own risk. KYC will be required in select instances when using a Dapper Wallet, according to the announcement.

Wearables can be classified as Exclusive, Grail or 1-of-1. Collectors have a 100% chance of ripping an Exclusive wearable in each box opening, a 16.6% chance at a Grail wearable and a 0.05% chance at a 1-of-1.

⚡ Take Action

Genesis Boxes can be opened at Holders interested in opening their box can refer to this "how-to" video provided by the Doodles team.

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