FLUF World Reveals Final, Rarest Buzzies NFT

FLUF World Reveals Final, Rarest Buzzies NFT
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FLUF World, which has been slowly revealing its five Buzzies NFTs, leaked the final, rarest version: The Mythrium HNI Pot.

The Mythrium HNI Pot will be available on Jul. 4, and there will be a total of 249 of them. 

"When a roaming Seeker reported Mythrium traces in a crater formation just beyond the Mystic Valley, we were convinced it was a malfunction," the workshop notes read. "Previous samples were microscopic in size. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to find the elusive mineral in sufficient quantity."

"While its origins are still disputed amongst our leading geologists and astronomists, it’s apparent that a rogue asteroid brought the mystical mineral crash-landing into our world some millennia ago," the lore continues. "A random phenomenon? A fateful lifeline of divine origin? Either way… it's all led to this. Our highest mycelium concentration proved no match for the indestructible element. If these devices are to work at all, the Mythrium composition is the source of our greatest hope."

This is the fifth and final reveal. The other four include: The Sporadium HNI Pot, The Parthonite HNI Pot, The Xoranium HNI Pot, and The Ozide HNI Pot.

There are currently 10,764 total items in the FLUF World: Buzzies collection, which currently has a floor price of 0.135 ETH and 346 ETH in volume since late May.

The collection can be viewed on OpenSea here.

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