Forgotten Runes Unveils The Loracle

Forgotten Runes Unveils The Loracle
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The Loracle, an AI chat bot intimately acquainted with the Runiverse's lore, has been released for public beta testing.

The Deets

  • The Loracle functions as a librarian, maintaining and sharing the extensive lore of the Runiverse.
  • It serves as a creative partner, providing initial drafts for narratives, screenplays, songs, recipes, and more.
  • The Loracle promotes creative freedom, offering guidance for content creation, such as D&D campaigns, analogies, character templates, etc.

The Bulk

The Runiverse unveiled a new assistant to guide users through its rich lore, The Loracle. This AI chat bot has been programmed with comprehensive knowledge of the Runiverse's extensive lore, functioning as a digital archivist and librarian.

It also acts as a creative partner, offering assistance in drafting creative pieces from narratives and screenplays to songs and recipes.

The Loracle is also designed to stimulate creativity. It guides users in crafting compelling content, whether they're designing D&D campaigns, creating analogies, or crafting character templates. 

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To interact with The Loracle, visit its dedicated webpage:

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