The Forgotten Ruinverse Releases Massive Progress Update

The Forgotten Ruinverse Releases Massive Progress Update
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Forgotten Rune Wizard's Cult dropped a massive update on the development of the Forgotten Runiverse and an update on the global distribution deal for its upcoming comic book series.

The Deets

  • Unique city architecture and expandable neighborhoods
  • Diverse battle scenes for landmarks, dungeons, and regions
  • Varied enemies, skills, and status effects in battles
  • Rewards include customizable decorations for player houses
  • Economy design and whitepaper still in progress

The Details

Cities in the game have received a refreshing update, with each one now boasting unique architecture and a variety of explorable neighborhoods. Neighborhoods act as self-contained instances within larger cities, allowing for continuous growth and expansion as new content is released, keeping cities relevant to gameplay experiences.

The team has also made impressive progress on the game's battle scenes, with unique visuals for every landmark, dungeon, and region. Alongside these scenes, new enemy types have been introduced, each belonging to a "family" with aligned traits across basic, elite, and boss enemies. Skills used in battles now feature unique artwork and can inflict status effects depending on their type and strength.

As players achieve victories in battles, they can earn rewards that allow them to craft and customize their house decorations. To obtain the most impressive rewards, players need to delve deep into the game's dungeons.

Behind the scenes, the level design and programming team have been testing and defining collision for objects and environments, while the design team is refining the game's economy in preparation for the release of a whitepaper.

โ—Why It Matters

Despite building since early 2021, Forgotten Runes has been overshadowed by many other "more shiny" projects in the NFT space. This update provides a glimpse of the major ambitions of the project as well as the potential its IP and lore hold. While many may be aware of the sums thrown at Yuga Labs, it's easy to forget that Forgotten Runes has also raised a massive warchest to tackle its roadmap

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

The Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult holds a floor price of 0.8 ETH and has been pretty stable in that range, though down 13 percent over the past 30 days. 

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