Pixel Vault Unveils BattlePlan Player Cards

Pixel Vault Unveils BattlePlan Player Cards
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Pixel Vault unveiled BattlePlan Player Cards, a unique fusion of gaming profiles and wallet functionalities, and transforms the way players interact with its gaming platform.

The Deets

  • Player Cards: Soulbound ERC-721 iNFTs customized with your profile picture and skin selection
  • Progress and NFTs: These two factors are key in unlocking skins
  • Three vital parameters: Player Cards store your Rating, BattlePoints, and non-transferable Credits
  • The rewarding system: Skilled players earn BattlePoints, in-game bonuses, and climb leaderboards

The Bulk

BattlePlan is changing the Pixel Vault gaming experience, notably through Player Cards. These cards, unique to each player, are a blend of profiles and wallets, offering a combination that is reminiscent of classic arcade cards. They are soulbound ERC-721 iNFTs, providing personalization, allowing players to adorn them with their profile pictures and select from a variety of skins.

The Player Card is a comprehensive storehouse for all player-related information - it houses your Rating, BattlePoints, and Credits. The Rating is classified into four tiers with three classes each. The tiers are representative of a player's average skill rating, used for skill-based matchmaking, while the classes depict the certainty of the protocol about your Rating. Dedicated players and those who develop their skills are rewarded with more in-game bonuses.

BattlePoints function as a metric for players to climb the leaderboards and unlock items through their rewards tracks. Thus, high-performing players earn more than just respect; they also garner more BattlePoints.

Credits, another crucial component of the Player Card, are essential for playing BattlePlan. While they are non-transferable, replenishing your Player Card with Credits is a simple task, ensuring uninterrupted gaming.

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PV leading the way like the MintPass did back in 2021. Legends!0xFastly.eth

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

While the current rollout of Player Cards already promises an immersive gaming experience, players can look forward to further advancements and exciting new features in the future.

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