Art Blocks 'Friendship Bracelets' Are Live

Art Blocks 'Friendship Bracelets' Are Live
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The highly anticipated and free "Friendship Bracelets" mint is now live after a delay this morning, verified in the Art Blocks discord. The delay was due to a website bug this morning, which was fixed within about forty minutes.

The project mint page can be found here, and as a reminder, any wallet which held an Art Blocks NFT prior to the snapshot on Oct. 26 is eligible to mint 2 Friendship Bracelets for free.

Those eligible to mint (holders of any Art Blocks NFT prior to the snapshot) are encouraged to feel free to wait, especially if gas prices are high, as the claim window is open until Jan. 10, 2023.

Learn more about the project in our announcement post or on the project website.

Given the supply could reach 30,000+, these NFTs were not necessarily being viewed as trading assets. But recently, community members have chatted about their use as "status symbols" for early Art Blocks adopters. That chatter coupled with the high caliber of art from Mac Tuttui and Snowfro in the early outputs, perhaps this project could see some secondary market traction. 

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