Community Heard, Gutter Cats Moving Forward

Community Heard, Gutter Cats Moving Forward
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Gutter Cat Gang completed the first community focus group sessions according to an official Discord announcement.

Why It Matters: Amidst market displeasure, the Gutter Cat Gang project leaders turned to the community to implement ideas to grow the brand. The first focus group provided lots of ideas, many of which the project is looking to immediately implement. 

What They Said: "We’re already working hard to start implementing some of these ideas. Expect to see some of these materialize in the coming weeks." The focus groups turned up the following themes, provided in the ofifical announcement. 

  • Marketing, messaging, communications
  • Clarity around tiers, future activations, and vision
  • Collector experience, rewarding loyalty, game theory, gamification
  • Lore, worldbuilding, storytelling
  • Empowering and amplifying creators within the community
  • Enabling IP licensing opportunities for the community
  • Facilitating networking, community meetups, and sub-communities
  • Monetizing web2 channels and making products more accessible

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