Gutter 2.0 Starts Now

Gutter 2.0 Starts Now
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Gutter Cat Gang is putting together focus groups to help it make decisions in the best interest of the community, according to a Discord message shared Tuesday

Why It Matters: Gutter Cat Gang is giving its community an outlet to provide constructive criticism amidst a falling floor price and all-time high levels of "FUD." 

What They're Saying: "It’s no secret that FUD has been at ATH levels over the past few weeks," said Gutter Mitch. "We’re going to start hosting semi-regular focus groups with small groups of active, positive, constructive members of the community who want to help turn things around and help bring GCG back to its former glory as an undisputed top, OG project in the space. During these sessions, we’ll try to give everyone the mic to share their constructive feedback and suggestions."

Take Action: Gutter Cat Gang members interested in being involved in the first Gutter Focus Groups can sign up via the following form


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