Everything You Need To Know About DNA-2 Gutter Juice

Everything You Need To Know About DNA-2 Gutter Juice
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The drop for Gutter Cat Gang's DNA-2 NFT went live at 4:20 p.m. ET today. There will be a total of 4,000 NFTs available to mint in this collection drop.

Official Gutter DNA-2 Mint Website

There will be a total of 1,000 DNA-2 NFTs for every Gutter Species -- Cats, Dogs, Rats, and Pigeons. Market participants will not know what species they will receive prior to minting according to the team's blog for the drop on its official website. 

Users will be able to purchase the NFT via Dutch Auction where the starting price begins at 0.90 ETH and then gradually decreases over the next 75 minutes until it hits a price of 0.30 ETH.

To use the DNA-2 upgrade, holders will need to hold two DNA-1 Gutter Clones of the same species as well as burn the DNA-2 Juice matching the Gutter Clone they are wishing to upgrade. Once the holding requirements are met, willing users must then select a DNA-1 Gutter Clone to upgrade and one DNA-1 Gutter Clone to burn.

The team states this will mean that "the D1 Gutter Clone supply becomes deflationary"

While the drop is ongoing the Clone Machine will be temporarily turned off with the plan in mind for it to come back on as soon as the DNA-2 sale comes to a close. 

Lastly, the team vaguely hinted at needing a certain token to obtain a D2 Gutter Clone as it stated "a small amount of utility tokens may be required to use the Clone Machine with DNA-2 Gutter Juice."

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