Gutter Ecosystem Volume Jumps After Co-Founder's Tweet

Gutter Ecosystem Volume Jumps After Co-Founder's Tweet
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The Gutter collection features such projects as Gutter Cat Gang, Gutter Dogs, Gutter Pigeons, Gutter Rats, and Gutter Clones.

All of those collections besides the OG set in Gutter Cat Gang saw a sizable increase in volume over the last 24 hours after one of its founders Gutter Dan posted a tweet many are speculating to be related to the release of $GANG, the upcoming utility token for the project.

The tweet came out almost exactly 24 hours ago and here is how these projects have faired since then according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

Project Volume (ETH) Volume Change Floor Price (ETH) Floor Price Change
Gutter Cat Gang 43.00 -6.52% 6.39 -0.93%
Gutter Dogs 28.00 +460.00% 1.49 +7.19%
Gutter Pigeons 26.00 +188.89% 1.25 +26.26%
Gutter Rats 29.00 +222.22% 1.20 +22.45%
Gutter Clones 24.00 +118.18% 0.14 +3.85%


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