Jenkins The Valet Announce Book People Airdrop

Jenkins The Valet Announce Book People Airdrop
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Jenkins the Valet announced an upcoming airdrop via Twitter on Wednesday. The airdrop will be for people who purchased merchandise from "We Are Book People" last year. An image of an email was included in the tweet, with the "from" section blocked out and a couple of other integral pieces to the "Subject" and "To" lines for privacy.

The image will be minted to wallets as a memory of the road taken by the Tally Labs team to get to where it is today. Jenkins describes "We Are Book People" as "an important piece of Tally Labs' history," and added further details on the background of Tally Labs in the comments of the thread. Tally Labs pushed the project forward, even when publishers shot the idea of Bored & Dangerous down.

The Bored & Dangerous mint closed on July 20 and currently sits with a floor price of 0.4 ETH.


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