Tally Labs Hiring Creative Director, Setting Up Council to Fix Art

Tally Labs Hiring Creative Director, Setting Up Council to Fix Art
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Jenkins the Valet’s Tally Labs revealed a “path forward” and answered questions about the Azurians PFP art it called a “blunder” in a Medium article Tuesday.

Tally Labs will be building a members portal and open up a holders-only survey for those with Bored and Dangerous and Writer’s Room NFTs to give their input on the art. The sneak peek of the Azurians PFP was roundly criticized by holders and Twitter users.

Tally Labs also answered a few “key points” for questions such as: 

  • Did the team do this on purpose as a marketing stunt? 

“No, and this is a narrative that hurts to read.”

  • And, how did this pass the team’s QA process?

“We stood behind it and believed it would work.”

“We built for the community and failed. That’s especially embarrassing when our business is one defined by building with the community. We will not make this mistake again,” said Tally Labs in the article.

The project will also set up a community council to fix the PFP art and they will hire new artists (not using the ones that created the original artwork). Tally Labs will also hire a creative director to work on the PFP project. 

We made a mistake. This mistake doesn’t define us. We believe there is a very clear path to rectifying it, especially since no Azurians have been minted,” the project said. “Azurbala is a vibrant community with hundreds of characters already emerging and building their own brands. We’re going to continue supporting them, we’re going to continue telling stories in Azurbala, we’re going to continue expanding its lore, and we’re going to keep building.”

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