KILLATRAITS Airdrop Hitting Wallets

KILLATRAITS Airdrop Hitting Wallets
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KILLABEARS airdropped KILLATRAITS to KILLAWEAR v2 bundle purchasers, according to a tweet from the project. 

The Original Offer 🪂: Back in November, KILLABEARS announced a promotion that provided two rare KILLATRAITS NFTs for every merch bundle purchased (about $160 USD including shipping and taxes). 


Why It Matters: This is a great example of a project spreading brand awareness with merchandise, and then subsequently making good on its promise to reward those customers.

The airdrop of at least two traits has already paid for the merch and more - as the current floor on KILLATRAITS is 0.2 ETH (~$330 USD), with a flurry of 15 sales occurring in the 0.15-0.4 ETH range in the last hour since the airdrop was completed.

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