KILLABEARS Teases 1/1s, Updates Starter Guide

KILLABEARS Teases 1/1s, Updates Starter Guide
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KILLABEARS teased 1/1 KILLACUBs alongside the release of an updated one-page starter guide on the KILLABEAR ecosystem on Friday. 

Why it Matters: As the KillaVerse community grows, there is a need for updated onboarding materials. This new quick-start guide helps holders understand the project’s ecosystem.

Key Notes from the Guide:

  • To complete "Staking Chapter 1: The Kilton 'Stakecation'" and "Staking Chapter 2: The KillaLabs Experiment," you will need a KILLABEAR and a KILLABIT that haven't yet completed the staking chapters. 
  • Holders will soon be able to build and mint a KILLACUB by mixing & matching traits from KILLABEARS.

By The Numbers: There has been a surge in activity with the KILLABEARS lately with the genesis collection showcasing a 204 percent increase in trading volume in the last week, according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings. The collection has reached an all-time high floor price of 5 ETH at the time of writing, a 57 percent gain on the week. 

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