Killacubs Workshop Opening on 4/20

Killacubs Workshop Opening on 4/20
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The Killacubs are minting on April 20th, per an announcement today from KILLABEARS.

❗ Why It Matters

The original collection of 3,333 Killabears has experienced strong success, with a healthy floor price of 3 ETH. The project has managed to maintain a strong ecosystem centered around staking, Killabits (the first companion collection), KillaGear, and even an open edition. And now the Killacubs workshop is opening its doors.

Killacubs will become a part of the storyline and will be used to unlock additional benefits within the Killaverse ecosystem.

The Deets

  • The mint date is April 20, and the mint price will be 0.25 ETH.
  • After being minted, Cubryos will evolve through eight phases of incubation on their way to becoming full-grown Killacubs.
  • Full-grown Killacubs include randomized base traits but can be redesigned and customized using KillaTraits.
  • KillaTraits are the tokenized traits for Killacubs and can be bought, sold, and traded via the official collection.
  • Total supply of 8,888 Killacubs:
    • 3,333 will be reserved for KILLABEAR holders, who can mint one cubryo for free for every KILLABEAR that they own.
    • 333 will be reserved for owners of KILLAPASSES (floor price of 0.55 ETH).
    • 2,748 will be reserved for an allowlist, for those that get in the top 2,000 on the KillaScore leaderboard (more details in this tweet 🧵).
    • And after hearing feedback from the community, there will be a mint round for all Killaverse holders immediately following the AllowList period for Killacubs. If there are any cubs left after that, the mint will then be opened up to the public.

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