Knights of Degen Staking is Live

Knights of Degen Staking is Live
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Knights of Degen staking went live yesterday evening, per an announcement from the project.

The Deets

  • All Knight holders have been airdropped a Degen Deed.
  • Use your Degen Deed to stake your Knights & Steedz in Phase 1 of Pre-Season.
  • After 60 consecutive days of staking, Deeds will become “fully baked”.
  • “Fully Baked” = eligible for a 1:1 exchange of a Degen Quarter during the redemption period taking place at the end of the Pre-Season.
  • The Degen Quarters serve three (3) primary purposes:
    • 1) Staking all of your KOD NFTs after the initial Degen Quarters redemption period. Without a Degen Quarters, you cannot stake the NFTs you acquire from the Degen Kingdom.
    • 2) Earn rewards from staking like future NFTs and gameplay multipliers.
    • 3) A 3D customizable space where you can display your NFTs, host others, and recharge from competitions in the Degen Arena.

❗ Why It Matters

Knights of Degen holders are now able to stake their Knights and Steedz (with the Degen Deed that was airdropped to all Knights) for rewards that impact their gameplay. Staking allows Knights to accumulate XP to move up the leaderboard, earn scarce NFTs, and earn $DGEN.

ğŸŽ¬ Take Action

  1. Receive Degen Deed: Degen Deeds (OS collection here) were airdropped to every Knight via Polygon (check your hidden folder if you don't see it)
  2. Access the Staking 🥩 site here:
  3. Login to your KoD account or sign up for an account (if you signed up for a Degen Bracket, you already have an account)
  4. Connect wallet containing Knights of Degen assets
  5. Select the Knight(s) and Steedz you would like to stake to your Deed(s)

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