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LinksDAO Snapshot Happening Today
Lou Sherman

LinksDAO announced that there will be a snapshot ahead of its upcoming PFP drop. The snapshot for holders will be taken at 5 p.m. ET today.

Holders at the time of the snapshot will be marked down. These wallets will be eligible to mint the NFTs for free during the first minting window of the upcoming PFP drop.

The mint date has not yet been announced, follow @linksdao and @linkschampions to stay up to date on all things Links Champion NFTs.

LinksDAO Snapshot Happening Today
LinksDAO Teases 'Big' News, Possibly About Upcoming Golf Course
Jason Bales

LinksDAO, an NFT project attempting to build "the world's greatest golf and leisure club," teased exciting news in its upcoming community call tomorrow, Oct. 25, at 8 p.m. ET. 

"Tomorrow's community call will be a big one," the tweet reads. "Tune in at 8 p.m. ET, Oct. 25."

Minutes after this week, the team fired a second teaser apparently related to the purchase or construction of a new golf course.

"Our Head of Strategy, Adam Besvinick, has had multiple calls with top 10 golf course architects and designers over the last few weeks, about a specific course," the team teased, before finishing with, "We're getting close, folks."

LinksDAO is committed to buying a golf course, improving golf inclusivity and access, and rewarding holders with member benefits and perks.

"LinksDAO NFTs will allow for community access, governance, a wide variety of perks, and games in the near term," the OpenSea project description reads. "They will be the key to unlocking membership at LinksDAO's first golf and leisure club."

The current floor price for a LinksDAO Leisure Membership pass is 0.394 ETH.

LinksDAO Teases 'Big' News, Possibly About Upcoming Golf Course