MetaHero Co-Founder Issues Statement

MetaHero Co-Founder Issues Statement

Odious, a co-founder of MetaHero, released a public statement to give updates on the project and its ecosystem in a tweet earlier this evening. 

Thanks to the help from Blur Studio, Pixel Vault has "grown the creative team to include long-form writers, concept artists, and a production house who are collectively driving the evolution of the MetaHero Universe."

In June 2022, the project announced a one-year timeline to produce an animated show but has shifted from the plan to focus more on "delivering our first gaming experiences."

There were also a handful of product updates such as the team ensuring that DOTs will make MintPass 2 tokens "exponentially deflationary over time," the team building its own style guide for a rebrand, and assurance that even though new iterations of the MetaHero PFP will occur over time current holders will keep their "Chris Wahl MetaHero designs."

Odious also touched more on the upcoming game for MetaHero stating that the community will have a direct impact on the game's evolution and a reminder that the game will be built and funded by Pixel Vault. The team assures holders that it has teamed up with a "seasoned gaming partner to create an immersive experience for your MetaHeroes."

Lastly, Odious announced that not Chris Wahl, but an unannounced artist, will be creating the upcoming comics for Pixel Vault.

More about MetaHero Identities

MetaHero Identities is a unique collection of 9,678 heroes, villains, and mutants created by Pixel Vault that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Generative MetaHero Identities could be minted at any time by redeeming MintPass #1, which is the signature NFT reservation system developed by Pixel Vault.  Punks Comic holders were entitled to one MintPass purchase per comic owned, and the mint pass was also exchangeable for a MetaHero at launch.  

At the time of publish, the MetaHero Identities floor price sits at 1 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 0 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, no sharp wallets have bought or sold NFTs in the the MetaHero Identities collection. Catch up on other recent MetaHero Identities news here.

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