How Has The NFT Market Reacted to Sartoshi's Return?

How Has The NFT Market Reacted to Sartoshi's Return?
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The NFT market has reacted to the news of mfers founder sartoshi's eminent return with some large sales, disappointing price action on one collection, and surprisingly strong price action on another.

Yesterday evening news broke that sartoshi would be returning on Jan. 1, 2023, after riding off into the sunset on June 9, 2022. sartoshi's last action was the creation of his "end of sartoshi" open-edition meme, where he sold 16,996 total NFTs at 0.069 ETH. The open edition almost immediately plummeted, trading below 0.01 ETH for several months.

But the news of his return has spiked interest and buy action, as end of sartoshi has since rebounded to 0.09 ETH, a whopping 220 percent gain on the day on 100 ETH of trading volume.

mfers have not been as fortunate, as the floor briefly rallied to 1.69 ETH yesterday evening at peak, but has since settled at 1.3 ETH (-2% on the day) on 228 ETH volume. This is somewhat disappointing price action on a set that many refer to as the best meme PFP project in the NFT space right now (it's a debate between mfers, Cryptodickbutts, and CrypToadz for most people).

A 1/1 mfer did sell for 18.69 ETH ($23,818) this afternoon though, in the highest sale in months.

There were also sales on rare mfers at 4.75 ETH, 5 ETH and 6.3 ETH in the last day.

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