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FWEN CLUB announced today that the upcoming serum drop for the MOAR by Joan Cornella collection is scheduled to occur on Jun. 30 in an announcement posted in the project's Discord server. There are two different types of serum:

  • Red: airdropped to all MOAR holders
  • Green: for Diamond Hands (those who have held their NFT since the project minted in April) and those who completed the project's "SEIBWOZ" game.

The utility of these serums is not yet known.

Following this morning's announcement, the collection's floor price is up to 0.99 ETH from 0.82 ETH pre-announcement.

Serum Drop for MOAR Collection Coming on June 30

Serums are coming to the "MOAR" by Joan Cornella collection, according to a late night announcement posted in the FWENCLUB Discord server. The announcement teases a June airdrop and describes two different types of serum:

  • Red Serum: All MOAR holders
  • Green Serum: For Diamond Hands (those who have held their NFT since mint) and game winners (Those who beat the "SEIBWOZ" game earlier this month)

The utility of of these serums is not yet know.

Serum Drop Coming to "MOAR" Collection

FWENCLUB has announced its staking game is coming for the MOAR by Joan Cornella collection on June 1. Once the game is live, holders will be able to stake their NFT to earn "one-of-a-kind "SEIBWOZ" hoodies, for holders only." The hoodies will be available free of charge (including shipping). To be eligible, a holder must have staked their NFT for 30 days. 

MOAR Game & Staking Launch Details

In an Instagram post early this morning, fwenclub announced it will be adding a staking mechanism within its "Seibwoz" minigame. No further information is currently available, other than a reference to "holders only benefits" that is mentioned in the Instagram post.

MOAR by Joan Cornella Staking Update

MOAR NFT holders have the opportunity to vote in a feature for a holder exclusive physical zombie toy based on MOAR #31. 

MOAR Announces Holder Exclusive Physical Toy

MOAR by Joan Cornella has updated its roadmap to keep "fwens" up to date on the project's goals.

The 2022 roadmap includes a Mini Game launch in May, an airdrop in June, a "metaverse-ready" airdrop in July, and a virtual exhibition that is expected to be available for MOAR holders in November. 

MOAR Updates its 2022 Roadmap
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