Porsche Reveals Pioneers Co-Pilots

Porsche Reveals Pioneers Co-Pilots
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The Porsche Pioneers Co-Pilots airdrop revealed yesterday, according to an announcement by the project

❗Why It Matters

Porsche's web3 journey has been interesting to say the least. The project cut supply shortly after its mint started, sending the floor price skyward. Then the project announced it would send a special airdrop for original minters and not just holders. Combine that with the interesting "Choose Your Road" mechanics and you've got an intricately unfolding web3 project. 

The latest airdrop, Co-Pilots, similarly provides intrigue thanks to comments from Porsche, which seems to be leaning into web3 culture and anticipation of events. "Holding a CO-PILOT with the same road as your 911 NFT might or might not be notable," said the project. 

📊 By the Numbers

Porsche Co-Pilots hold a floor price of 0.1678 ETH at the time of writing and boasts a top sale of 0.65 ETH. 

Community Quotes

Love my co-pilot! What a start of the week. Now looking so much forward to the customization phase 2@mlleanabelr

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