Moonbirds Monaverse Coming Soon

Moonbirds Monaverse Coming Soon
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PROOF founder Kevin Rose shared a sneak peek of the 3D world that Mona (@monaverse) has been building as a virtual home for the Moonbirds community.


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PROOF has a lot of ongoing projects and different ideas planned for the future, to put it lightly. But today Kevin Rose shared a simpler aspiration: a Moonbirds presence in Mona, a 3D world-building platform, and a web3 social network for the metaverse.

The intention of the partnership is to facilitate community experiences, including live town halls, art reveals, and viewing parties.

The concept appears reminiscient of what both Punk6529 and Chimpers built on OnCyber, which is also a metaverse platform and similarly allows holders to congregate virtually and even show off curated art on walls within buildings.

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Those interested can see other spaces and environments created by Monaverse at

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