Moonbirds Reveals Talons Reward System

Moonbirds Reveals Talons Reward System
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Moonbirds hosted a Parliament space today sharing additional information about the upcoming Diamond Exhibition, Mythics Eggs, and its new reward token, Talons.

โ—Why It Matters

While Moonbirds provided updates on its Diamond Exhibition and Mythic claim, the biggest news was the upcoming beta launch of Talons, a reward poitn system that will seemingly replace nesting. Founder Kevin Rose likened Talons to credit card reward points, which will be earned daily for holding a Moonbirds NFT.

The PROOF ecosystem has held negative sentiment in recent months, largely due to unfulfilled promises. Previously, a Moonbirds or PROOF ecosystem token was expected, but this new rewards system is a move likely signalling otherwise. Other projects like Kanpai Pandas and y00ts have leaned into "ecosystem points" instead of tokens, perhaps to avoid the regulatory uncertainty, and it seems PROOF has followed suit. 

The Deets

  • Diamond Exhibition begins April 27 with Day One Nesters receiving a head start with their Day One Pass (Mint passes will be airdropped and tradable)
  • Mythics Eggs Claim Starts Today, offering varying rarity and art options
  • Moonbirds to introduce a new reward token, Talons, exclusively for holders to be used within their ecosystem replacing the need to nest.
  • Released first "Moonbirds Short Film"

The Details

Moonbirds' Diamond Exhibition is set to start on April 27, offering a spectacular collection of art from 22 artists. Day One Passes will be distributed to Moonbirds members who nested within the first 24 hours allowing them to get a head start on picking their favorite art piece and submitting a rank order to be considered. Read more on the drop here

Mythic Eggs are being unveiled, featuring three levels of rarity: Legendary, Runic, and Stone. The sooner an egg is acquired, the greater the likelihood of securing a Legendary egg. Each egg provides distinct artistic choices, and if you claim an egg within the first week, there's a 60 percent chance of it being Legendary. Moreover, each claim impacts the entire collection, as holders can choose one of three Mythic designs, with the other two designs never being available for minting again.

Moonbirds is also transitioning to a new rewards system. They will no longer rely on nesting but will introduce, Talons, a token similar to credit card reward points. Talons will be available only to Moonbirds holders and will be used within their ecosystem to claim art, purchase tickets to events, and other opportunities that the team is looking to introduce.

๐Ÿ“Š By the Numbers

After an initial surge on the back of the Talons announcement, Moonbirds quickly gave back any gains. The project holds a floor price of 3.069 ETH on OpenSea. 

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