Moonbirds Mythic Eggs Claim Starts April 17

Moonbirds Mythic Eggs Claim Starts April 17
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Today, Moonbirds announced that the claim period for Mythic Eggs starts April 17.

The Deets

  • The Mythic Eggs are part of Moonbirds' upcoming PFP collection, Moonbirds Mythics.
  • There are three categories of Mythic Eggs: Stone Eggs, Runic Eggs, and Legendary Eggs.
  • The language of the tweet suggests that those with Diamond Nests have a higher chance of producing rarer Moonbird Mythics.

❗ Why It Matters

Moonbirds Mythics represent the first 'official' expansion of the Moonbirds ecosystem and come at a pivotal moment for PROOF.

At the time of writing, the PROOF Collective Pass has a floor price of 12.5 ETH, and Moonbirds have a floor price of 3.2 ETH (down -33% and -50%, respectively, from the beginning of March).

The reception of the new Moonbirds Mythics collection will likely be a bellwether for the future of the PROOF ecosystem.

🔙 Back It Up

  • Mythics are a 20,000 PFP collection and feature a unique distribution mechanism, with nested birds randomly selected each day to receive a Mythic egg (only 25 will hatch each day). There is no cap on how many Mythics each bird can hatch.
  • Each Moonbird was rewarded with an airdrop of Oddities in July 2022. Moonbirds Oddities are 10,000 'pellets' from artist Gremplin and feature a future burn mechanic related to the upcoming Moonbirds Mythics collection.
  • Nesting is the staking mechanism for Moonbirds and takes rarity into account as a multiplier to the length of time that NFTs are nested. Nesting level will have some sort of influence on the new Mythic Egg claim.

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