PUNKS Comic 3 Is Coming

PUNKS Comic 3 Is Coming
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Pixel Vault announced the upcoming release of its third PUNKS comic, "A Glitch in Time," via tweet this morning

The comic, which will be the first to feature MetaHero Identities, is the last of the comic of the trilogy that will be required to complete the Genesis PUNKS Comic set. 

Users who collect each of the first three comics will be able to redeem a free PUNKS PFP NFT later this year. According to the release, the PUNKS PFP will be an access pass to all PUNKS content moving forward. 

PUNKS Comic 3 will mint for 0.2 ETH, but with some unique features during the minting process. Upon minting, some users may notice the minting portal "glitch" sending them back a Pixel Vault relic instead of the third comic. 

A full set of available assets is detailed in the release, but minters that don't end up with a PUNKS Comic 3 will instead be able to return Pixel Vault Founders DAO tokens, Generative Identities, and more. 

Minting will open this Friday, July 1 with four distinct minting windows. A snapshot for eligible participants will take place on Wednesday, June 29 at 11 a.m. ET. 

For more information, refer to the project's official release

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