Refresh Your Rug Radio PFP Metadata

Refresh Your Rug Radio PFP Metadata
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Rug Radio's "Faces of Web3 by Cory Van Lew" have revealed, according to a tweet from the project

❗Why It Matters

Rug Radio PFPs from Cory Van Lew and the Rug Radio team have been in the works for quite some time and today's reveal marks the next step in the project's evolution. The collection grants membership into the Rug Radio ecosystem, alongside the Genesis NFTs and Rug Radio Membership Passes. 

Community Quotes

Excited to have scooped an amazing @RugRadio PFP off secondary. Awesome work @coryvanlew & the team. 💯👏PLC.eth

📊 By the Numbers

The Rug Radio PFP has traded more than 450 ETH on OpenSea since its launch, with a floor price ranging from 0.07-0.12 ETH. Since reveal, the price has fallen slightly to 0.0678 ETH. 

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